Campus Life

Welcome to our campus. 

why go to our school

If your are looking for studying online we can provide you access to our cutting-edge learning. Our teachers will ensure the best of both western and Islamic education for your child. We thrive children spiritually and socially and we regularly rank alongside the best schools at all grade levels on standardized testing. We are the best option for your child education.

Multimedia Classroom

We try to make students understand as much practically as possible. Smart classroom helps students to not only learn topics but also visualize them. As a result our students has much more deep knowledge about a topic compared to students from other schools. 

Student Videos

Here are some cultural dance by our students.

PEC 2016 A+

43 out of 53

PEC 2017 A+

46 out of 58

PEC 2018 A+

41 out of 51

PEC 2019 A+

55 out of 74

Years Experience



Cultural events are vital part of our school.

We prepare our students for both higher education and real life skills.

Here is a glimpse of our cultural and educational events.

02 February 2017

Nandan Park, Savar, Bangladesh.

19 January 2016

Jurain, Dhaka.

16 December 2018

Jurain, Dhaka.