Student Budgets

Increasing the literacy rate is our main motto. To be sure, lower-cost education is beneficial for the students who are struggling with the extra costs of school: textbooks, tuitions, utilities, and so on. An increase in the overall affordability of education can help students feel more secure in their educational decision. So we are always beside the students ensuring the as low cost as possible.




100 tk


New: 3300 tk. Existing: 2800 tk.

monthly tuition fees

600 tk


700-1000 tk

exam fees

600 tk

Our main goal is to serve the best quality education at a affordable fees.
As a result we keep our tuition fees as low as possible. Only 600 Tk is
our monthly tuition fees.

Yes, we provide the required study materials at a reasonable price. 

Our teachers tries as hard as possible to teach students in the classroom.
In spite of that if a student is needed extra classes our highly qualified
teachers are there to provide required classes at a attainable fees.
By visiting the office and paying the required fees any student can get
testimonial and transfer certificate.

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